PWN Corpus of Polish

ta strona po polsku

This corpus of Polish texts is part of the raw ingredients of dictionary-making, in other words authentic language material that serves as the basis of our descriptions of the meanings of words and constructions. Minute fragments of these texts in the shape of single sentences are later printed in dictionaries as examples illustrating particular meanings.

Thanks to this sample of our departmental corpus now existing on the Internet, you too can see the kind of contexts a given word is used in various types of text. We invite you to check the accuracy of the descriptions in our dictionaries in this respect!

PWN has prepared and made available an online version of the Corpus of Polish consisting of 40 million words. The samples were taken from 386 books, 977 editions selected from 185 different press publications, 84 transcribed spoken texts, 207 web sites and several hundred advertising leaflets and other ephemera.

The full version of the corpus is available on payment for access, while a demonstration version of over 7.5 million words is available free of charge.

Uniwersalny słownik języka polskiego

Uniwersalny Słownik Języka Polskiego

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